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At CCS Computers we pride ourselves on selling only the best.

Our mission and purpose for the past 18 years has been and is to supply quality equipment and service at a competitive price to our valued clients


our history

CCS Computers was founded in the year 2002 and has grown tremendously over the years. 

Whether you are interested in an entry-level desktop or laptop for basic needs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), email functionality or require a higher spec device for gaming, programming, or for that special piece of software that you are running,

CCS Computers has been and still is your number one shop.

We can supply items such as RAM, processors, hard drives, LCD Screens, keyboards, motherboards, laptop batteries, and desktop fans as well as handling desktop and laptop hardware-related upgrades and repairs done by our qualified technicians.

We service industries such as retail, schools, small to medium enterprises as well as corporate, manufacturing, and Information Technology spaces just to name a few.



Rest assured we are well equipped to supply all industries no matter how big or small.

CCS Computers has 100% certified I.T Professionals with over 18 Years Of Experience.

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